What Are Back Links? Were do I find Them?

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Both inbound and outbound links play an important role in a small business marketing strategy. Webtradenow has a dedicated staff with decades of experiences in S.E.O and relevant link building. Building backlinks that relate to your business’s content and clients. Over time, we increase your site’s rankings and organic SERP traffic.
Social media backlinks importance
Our objective is to build and maintain your site’s credibility, your S.E.O consultant will research and utilize the following link building methods to create an organic presence on the web.

Some of Our Link Building Methods:

  • Social media marketing: Creating social media accounts and connecting with your demographic by creating relative content.
  • Forum marketing: Engaging in forums as a contributing member of that forum. Befriending and growing your network.
  • YouTube: Create engaging viral videos that will speak to your demographic while promoting your brand.
  • Content marketing: Marketing your brand through your social media accounts is key to driving your traffic.
  • Press coverage: Engage local media outlets to talk about your product or brand.
  • Newsletter link acquisition: Monitoring your click through ration on outgoing newsletters in order to see what newsletters are effective.
  • Pinterest, Instagram marketing: If your product can be visualized, capture it in images and show people the beauty of your product in real life use.Website URL

High PR Backlinks where you can build relevant content:

  1. www.blogger.com
  2. disqus.com
  3. bit.ly/
  4. www.diigo.com
  5. followus.com/
  6. 43marks.com/
  7. 9gag.com/
  8. about.me
  9. www.allmyfaves.com
  10. ask.fm
  11. www.bloglovin.com/
  12. calendly.com/
  13. dojo.press/
  14. www.duolingo.com/
  15. gravatar.com/
  16. growthhackers.com/
  17. huffduffer.com/
  18. itsmyurls.com/
  19. padlet.com/
  20. perusen.com/
  21. www.rrrather.com/
  22. www.studypool.com/
  23. www.tacked.com/
  24. www.visualcv.com
  25. www.webs.com/
  26. www.zotero.org/
  27. www.alternion.com/
  28. audioboo.fm
  29. ello.co
  30. kiwi.qa/
  31. mastodon.social/
  32. www.plurk.com
  33. www.zedge.net
  34. www.23hq.com
  35. 500px.com
  36. www.blipfoto.com/
  37. www.dreamstime.com/
  38. www.expono.com
  39. www.flickr.com
  40. www.fotobabble.com/
  41. www.fotothing.com/
  42. www.freepik.com/
  43. gfycat.com/
  44. giphy.com/
  45. imageshack.com
  46. imgfave.com/
  47. imgur.com
  48. jalbum.net/
  49. www.mobypicture.com
  50. photobucket.com/
  51. photopeach.com
  52. piccsy.com
  53. picturepush.com/
  54. www.picturetrail.com
  55. postimg.org/
  56. www.purephoto.com/
  57. www.smugmug.com/
  58. thefancy.com
  59. www.twitxr.com/
  60. alternativeto.net
  61. www.break.com
  62. coub.com
  63. www.dailymotion.com
  64. www.earthcam.com
  65. www.funnyordie.com
  66. www.houzz.com/
  67. www.liveleak.com/
  68. www.stream.me/
  69. www.ustream.tv
  70. www.veoh.com
  71. videobash.com
  72. vid.me/
  73. www.vimeo.com
  74. websites.ca
  75. pinterest.com/
  76. www.youtube.com

Images Most Likely Will Go viral on Pinterest:

  • Compelling product images
  • Infographics
  • Instructional/how-to images
  • Memes
  • Typography
  • Funny Graphics

See who your competitors are linking too

Do a Google™ search for backlinks by typing,


You will have a list of sites with liks back to your site or your competitors. Make sure you add yourself to as many reputable sites as possible and fill o0ut your profile and don’t forget to add a link back to your web site.

This is author biographical info, that can be used to tell more about you, your iterests, background and experience. You can change it on Admin > Users > Your Profile > Biographical Info page."

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