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Infographic on The Essentials of SEO

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Search optimization can be confusing, we try to break the essentials down so that all can understand the intricacies of search optimization.

Step 1: What are your keywords?

You need to find your niche keyword for your business and do a little research on your competitors to find out what they are ranking for. A good place to start:




Step: 2: Keyword Rich Domain

Mass search domain names here or get suggestions here

Step: 3: Meta Tags (Onsite)

  1. The good tags: Meta content type, Meta description, Title, and Viewport
  2. The no important tags:  Social meta tags, Robots, Keywords & Geo (Bing only)
  3. The bad meta tags: Author, Revisit, Expiration, Copyright & abstract

Step: 4: Quality content & Blog

Step: 5: Social Media (Offsite)

Step: 6: Develop a weekly routine
Infographic on The Essentials of SEO