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White Hat SEO VS. Black Hat SEO, and why should avoid The Black Hat!


What is White Hat SEO and why you need it!

In order to get a competitive long-lasting rank in the major search engines, you must do the right things, in the right order. Follow these brief steps to gain the upper hand! Remember, there is no quick solution to white hat (ethical) SEO.

White Hat SEO on the other hand is the time-consuming and tedious task of building your network of healthy PR (Page Rank 3 plus) links. Constantly optimizing your content for keyword density, while keeping user experience in mind. Using webmaster tools will diagnose slow sites, broken links, and WC3 validity (this is debatable if Valid Code is that valuable.)  Spending time reading blogs and SEO sites like SEO BOOK http://www.seobook.com  will get you on the right track to building healthy sites that will stay in search results for a long time!

First Step: Find The Best Keywords Find the best keywords for your demographics, start with local searches: ex: Atlanta Barbers

Visit Google Insights: http://www.google.com/insights/search/

Second Step: Optimize Your Website

Here are the areas you should be concentrating on:  

  • Title Tags
  • Description Meta Tag
  • H1,H2,H3 Headers
  • Keyword density in your articles
  • Optimized Alt Tags
  • SEF URLs: about.html VS. aboutplumbing.html
  • Page Load Speed
  • Optimize Your Backlinks (PageRank 3 and above most important)

Avoid These Black Hat Tactics:

Black Hat SEO is what we call webmasters who want to cheat the system to get easy ranking is mainly Google SERPs. Quite frankly the other search engines hardly even matter anymore! Black Hat SEO sites promise the world and unscrupulous businesses will promise you anything to get a payment, so be vigilant when hiring a company to your SEO or you might find yourself that long after the check has been cashed, your site is nowhere to be found!

Avoid These Black Hat Techniques!

Cookie Cutter Auto-Generated Content (Spinners):


  • Some unethical companies promise to get you to page one, guaranteed. The problem has they created thousands of spam sites with a backlinked keyword. Creating bad neighborhoods. You will find quick results with this, but once Google finds out your site goes into the dreaded Google sandbox of hell! to never be seen again!

Keyword Stuffing:

Keyword Stuffing: Keyword stuffing makes an article ineligible to humans and renders the page useless to users, thus hated by Google!

Doorway Pages:

Doorway/Landing Pages: Created to fool the search bots and humans into going places they would not otherwise visit! Switch and Bait.

Link Farms:

A link farm is promoted by a lot of SEO companies promising inclusion in 500 directories for one low price! All you get is worthless links that give your company a bad reputation in the eyes of all-mighty Google! Avoid, and if it sounds too good to be true, it is!


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